Globe University Partners with Local Businesses

Workforce Development Training — Partnering to Build a Stronger Workforce

Globe University partners with local businesses to help them find and develop the skilled workforce they need to succeed and thrive. Globe’s Workforce Development training team will design an individualized and relevant education and training strategy that combines academic learning and on-the-job training. Employed personnel of your business will earn a certificate of completion and may have the opportunity to earn college credit toward a Globe University degree program.

Businesses will be selected from the industries with the highest economic growth projections and greatest workforce development needs, including healthcare and human services, administrative and support services, banking and financial services, retail/sales, and hospitality.

How It Works

  • The Workforce Development Training team works with you to assess your training and workforce development needs
  • Based on the assessment, we determine training that aligns with the essential skills required to meet your business needs and expectations
  • Employees participate in a training program delivered by Globe University that helps to fill the skills gaps you have identified
  • Students/employees demonstrate competencies through work summaries and academic assignments to earn a credential in their field of study

Benefits to You

  • Employees who are committed, with a vested interest in their work
  • Increased employee retention
  • Greater ability to attract new hires to fill positions that are needed today and in the future
  • Supported employee development
  • Skilled and committed employees to promote
  • A more confident and higher-performing workforce
Sioux Falls Workforce Development

Sioux Falls Workforce Development Program

  • Reinvesting community dollars back into local business
  • Customized training to fit local business needs
  • Supporting industries that provide economic growth
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Cooperative Training Program

Cooperative Training Program

  • Three-way commitment between Globe, the employer and the employee/student
  • Dual-training that aligns academic and on-the-job learning
  • Designed to help you build and grow a competitive workforce
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Cooperative Training Program

Training & Professional Development Courses

  • Tailor training to expand employee expertise specific to your business needs
  • Keep employees current on trends and build a higher performing workforce
  • Training designed with college-level courses that can be applied to a degree program
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Cooperative Training Program

Business Alliance Partnership

  • Give employees the opportunity to receive discounted tuition
  • Get access to the Globe Workforce Development resources
  • Find qualified employees with our hiring and candidate selection resources
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Cooperative Training Program

Hiring Solutions through CareerConnect

  • Full access to a pipeline of qualified Globe students and alumni
  • Complimentary onsite training to enhance employee development
  • Ability to participate in our on-campus job fair
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