Sioux Falls Workforce Development

Globe University

Partnering to Build a Stronger Workforce

Globe University and the City of Sioux Falls, S.D. are teaming up to help local businesses in the area find and develop the skilled workforce they need to succeed and thrive. Utilizing funds awarded by the City’s Workforce Development Pilot Program, Globe University will provide local businesses with a dual-training program tailored to their specific workforce needs.

Helping Grow Sioux Falls Businesses

Qualified local businesses will be awarded a cooperative training scholarship that will be used to develop and implement a cooperative training program for new employees. Businesses will be selected from the industries with the highest economic growth projections and greatest workforce development needs, including healthcare and human services, administrative and support services, banking and financial services, retail/sales, and hospitality.

Custom Training

Globe University’s Workforce Development Team will design an individualized and relevant education and training strategy that combines academic learning and on-the-job training. Participants will earn a certificate of completion and also have the opportunity to earn college credit toward a Globe University degree program.

Local Sioux Falls businesses interested in participating should contact our Globe University-Sioux Falls campus at 605-323-3902. To learn more about Globe University’s other workforce development programs, visit us online.

The certification of completion, in and of itself, is not a recognized academic credential and does not fall with the scope of Globe University institutional accreditation or authorization with the state of South Dakota. However, credits earned through the program can be applied toward the completion of certificate and degree programs at both schools.