Nationally Accredited
Online Business School & Career College

Globe University-online, the distance-learning division of our nationally accredited business school and career college, provides students and employers with an assurance of quality. A member of Accrediting Council for Independent Schools and Colleges (ACICS), Globe offers online doctor's, master's, bachelor's and associate degree programs, and diplomas.

How accreditation is determined

The process of accreditation includes examination of a variety of factors:

  • Online degree programs offered by the school: business, accounting, information technology, paralegal studies, health care management, and other programs are evaluated to see that they provide thorough training for today's workplace.
  • Evidence that graduates are prepared for gainful employment: on-time graduation rates and job-placement rates.
  • Resources: library services, computer labs, academic support services and financial capitalization.
  • A history of student, graduate and employer satisfaction. 

Evaluating a school's accreditation 

It is very important that an online school's accreditation is issued by an organization listed by the U.S. Department of Education as an authority on higher education. Such accreditation is required if students are to receive federal financial aid. Only a few organizations, including ACICS, make that list.

There is some confusion about the distinction between regional and national accreditation. The Department of Education makes it clear that neither is better than the other. Globe University chose national accreditation, a process that aligns closely with our career-focused mission and our historic business school status.