Online College FAQ

Why attend an online college?

Just a few of the unique benefits of online college courses: You never have to travel to campus or attend class at a certain time. You can participate in class in a very different way from the traditional. And you can adjust the time you spend on each course to the difficulty of the material.

Is Globe University an accredited online university?

Yes. Globe University is nationally accredited by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to offer online degree programs. (Globe is 125 years old, however, far older than the Internet.)

Can online students receive federal financial aid?

Yes, qualified students can receive financial aid, including grants, loans and scholarships.

Will I receive help in applying for financial aid?

Yes. When you apply and throughout your time at Globe University, a financial aid coordinator will, help you identify scholarship opportunities and provide step-by-step instructions on applying for federal loans and grants. 

How do I know online college is right for me? 

Early in our admissions process, your representative will talk with you about your goals and learning style, and the benefits and demands of distance learning (online classes). At that time, you will have the opportunity to take a virtual tour of an online class and ask any questions. Only if it looks like a good fit for you will the representative recommend you continue with enrollment.

Can you describe a successful online student?

A successful online student is a good time manager and comfortable with written communication and the Internet.  

What is the difference between traditional and online programs?

Our online degree programs provide, in a different format, the same content as our traditional programs. 

What kind of activities can I expect in online courses?

That varies from one course to another. Examples of activities include discussion board postings, group projects, research papers, interactive learning modules, quizzes and exams.

Will my online classes be more or less work than traditional courses?

It depends on the course and your skills. An online class may require as much or more time and effort than a traditional class.

How much time should I plan to spend on an online class?

We suggest you plan to spend two to four hours per credit per week. For a four-credit course, that is eight to16 hours a week.

Are there deadlines for class assignments?

Yes!  A typical online class will require you, each week, to post on a discussion board by Thursday and respond to classmates by Sunday evening.  You will also have quizzes, assignments, projects or exams with specific deadlines. Prepare for success in your future career by practicing time management while you are in college. 

Do I have to be online at specific times?

No. Log in at your convenience, as long as you meet deadlines for assignments and discussion boards. Log in three times a week for perfect attendance.

Will I need to study and be online daily?

Most successful students work on their online classes most days, but it is not required. We suggest you schedule time every day to read, participate in discussions, or check for your instructor's comments.

What experience do I need with technology? 

You should be comfortable using the Internet for email and research. If you have questions about specific skills, contact us. A representative can provide more specific information.

Do I need to own a computer?

If you do not own a computer, we encourage you to have several options to ensure availability. It is not a good idea to count on a student computer lab or public library as your only access.

Do I need high speed Internet access?

It is a good idea. Course materials may include videos and webcasts, and you will need to submit assignments and quizzes.

What technology is required?

You will need a computer with standard word processing software and Internet access. Certain courses have more requirements. Visit our student website for the Specific system requirements.

Will I have student email?

Yes. After you complete your online application and submit your application fee, information about your email account will be mailed to you in your acceptance packet.  Once you have set up the account, check your student email daily for announcements and updates.

Who are the instructors?

Members of the faculty at our online college are experienced professionals in their areas of instruction. They also have excellent academic credentials.

How will I communicate with my instructors?

Your instructors will hold weekly online office hours, when you can reach them via email and phone. At other times of the week, you can email them or leave a post on a message board and receive a prompt reply.

Where will I access my course materials?

Our online academic delivery platform, CampusConnect, is where you will download course content, participate in discussion boards, submit assignments, and contact instructors and fellow students. 

Do you offer online student services?

Yes. Our services including academic advising, free online tutoring, 7-day-a-week technology support, librarian chat and email help, and(lifelong job-search assistance.   

How do I get my textbooks?

If you are an undergraduate student, you can order textbooks through our online bookstore. If you are a graduate student, you will use e-books and other online resources.

Who do I contact with questions?

Request information from admissions, or call us toll free at 1-877-655-7676.

How do I apply to Globe University?

Begin by requesting information from admissions or completing an online application.  An admission representative will contact you to arrange a personal information session.

Do I need to come to a campus for anything?

No. Unless you prefer to come to a campus, an admission representative will help you handle everything over the phone or Internet.

How will I register for my classes?

Your admissions representative will arrange a telephone appointment to schedule your classes and talk about academic policies and procedures. 

Will I be able to interact with other students?

Yes. You will be able to email or IM students and participate in discussion threads and group projects. Many online students develop long-lasting friendships and professional relationships.

Who do I call for help?

During the admissions process and through registration for classes, your admission representative will answer your questions or connect you with the right person. After you begin classes, you can contact your instructors, your academic advisor, your dean of students or your financial aid advisor with questions.

Will my diploma indicate that I attended online classes?

No. Your transcript and diploma will not indicate whether you were enrolled in an online or on-campus program.

Can I participate in a graduation ceremony?

Yes, we have graduation ceremonies every quarter, and would love to see you there. Globe University-online hosts a graduation ceremony near Richfield, Minnesota,, every quarter.  If that is not convenient, you are welcome to participate in a ceremony at any Globe University or Minnesota School of Business location (we have campuses in communities throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota).