Online College Courses & Blended Programs

No driving, no parking, attend classes on your schedule—online college courses free students from a wide range of restrictions. Yet, not every student chooses a fully Internet-based program. At Globe University, our online/distance learners, by enrollment, fall into three groups:

  • Those who add flexibility to campus-based programs by incorporating online courses, creating hybrid programs
  • Those enrolled in fully online programs
  • Single-subject students, not enrolled in any program, who want to test-drive online classes

Why a hybrid/blended program?

Whatever your reason to pursue a hybrid college program, you can be sure you will have our full support. For example:

You may be in a program only offered on campus, but want more flexibility. We will help you create a blended program that includes online general education courses.

You want the freedom of online classes, but are not ready to give up the face-to-face interaction in a traditional classroom. Your academic advisor will help you choose on-campus classes that involve group projects and a high level of interaction, blended with online courses that fit your schedule.

After all, we are here to help you achieve your goals! Contact admissions today to discuss your options.

Try out college with a single online course

Are you interested in college, but not ready or able to enroll in a complete program at this time? We invite you to test-drive our online university as a single-subject student. Try out an introductory class in your area of interest, and find out how exciting higher education can be.

For information on online courses, online and traditional programs and our school, contact admissions or call 1-877-303-6060.