Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Making College Affordable

Globe University is committed to providing affordable education to our students by making sure they are aware of all available funds. Whether you’re an online student or attending in South Dakota, Minnesota or Wisconsin, financial aid  managers are available to serve your needs.

After submitting your Globe University application, a financial aid administrator will work with you in determining the eligibility requirements for scholarships, grants and loans, as well as help you apply for your financial aid for those who qualify. The financial aid manager will also help you create a payment schedule to cover any remaining costs of paying for college.

At Globe University, we strive to make sure every student receives the maximum financial assistance they deserve by offering exclusive scholarships to our students.

Check out our scholarships page to determine which scholarships you might qualify for. We offer high school scholarships, military scholarships and a variety of miscellaneous scholarships to help defray the cost of your education.

Loans and Grants

As an accredited institution*, Globe University works with both public and private lenders to determine which financial coverage you are eligible for to help you stay focused on your education.

Our loans and grants page can help you decide which type of loans and grants you might qualify for.

Tuition and Fees

Refer to your program’s webpage for program costs to help calculate your expenses. Our net price calculator will also help provide you with a rough estimate of your school and living expenses.

Take a look at our tuition and fees page for a more in-depth breakdown of your potential college expenses.

*Accredited Member, ACICS