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6 Ways Globe University Made College More Affordable

It’s been said that the more we learn, the more we can potentially earn. To offer our students a more affordable college experience, Globe University has rolled out a number of initiatives to reduce college costs and make it easier for students to start and finish their degree.

  1. Reduced Tuition: In July 2013, full-time tuition rates were reduced by up to 15 percent. This lowered tuition rate makes it more affordable for students to take more classes each quarter, since research has shown that students taking full-time credit loads (12 or more credits) have significantly higher graduation rates than part-time students.
  2. Reduced Textbook Costs: As any student knows, the cost of textbooks can add up quickly. Globe University’s emphasis on interactive learning through the Educational User Experience model has allowed for a more widespread use of e-books and online resources in place of expensive textbooks.
  3. More Scholarships: Our many available scholarships result in greater affordability for many students. Military students and their families, high school graduates and non-traditional students can all be the recipients of such awards. We also offer a program that matches the outside scholarships a student may receive.
  4. Credit Transfer: Have you earned credits from another institution? At Globe University, we make the process easy for students to have previously-earned credits evaluated for transfer and eliminate the need for repeating classes.
  5. College Credit for Work Experience: On-the-job training and work experience provide educational value. Students can apply to receive college credit for the skills and knowledge they have gained outside of a classroom, shortening their path to graduation and making their programs more affordable.
  6. Accelerated Programs:  Globe University’s academic programs and courses — both online and at our Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota locations — are designed to facilitate timely completion.

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