Purple Heart Scholarship

Globe University/Minnesota School of Business is proud of our countrys heroes who have given so much so that we may enjoy our freedom. In recognition of their selfless sacrifices, we offer the Purple Heart Scholarship to service members and veterans who were wounded in the Gulf Wars: Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Spouse/domestic partner or dependents of service members killed in action during these conflicts are also eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship cannot be used in conjunction, with or in addition to, any other institutional scholarship. Scholarship is effective the date the application is completed and is not retroactive.

A student approved for this scholarship will be awarded an amount to cover all remaining tuition and fees once elected federal and state financial aid, military aid, and Veterans Affairs benefits have been deducted from the total amount. To determine aid eligibility, a student must fill out a FAFSA to receive this award. Students must be registered for 12 credits or more to be eligible f or the quarter or the award will be forfeited from the point that the student falls below 12 credits. Graduate students must be registered for at least 6 graduate credits to be eligible for the quarter.

Please provide a copy of your DD214 and/or orders of being awarded the Purple Heart. If a dependent, please provide your military ID card.

Application materials must be submitted to the financial aid office.

Applications are available at http://www.globeuniversity.edu/ or http://www.msbcollege.edu/.