Information Technology Badges

Get ready to start your career in the field of information technology. At Globe University, you can earn the badges described below and prepare to become a leader in your organization’s IT department.

Microsoft Office Guru.

Master the essential Microsoft Office programs that companies all over the world rely on to function every day. You can receive a complete education and experience working with the following applications: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Learn to create spreadsheets and presentations that others can use to improve company performance
  • Become proficient in all three applications to offer technical support and assistance to company employees
  • Execute word processing documents using the complete functionality offered in Microsoft Word

Computer Troubleshooting Master.

Once you earn this badge, you can become a fix-it specialist in almost every aspect of computing. You can learn how to build and disassemble a computer from the ground up.

  • Identify all computer components and understand how they work
  • Complete hardware and software troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Install operating systems and upgrades

MS Server 2012 Proficient User.

Understand network operating and multiprocessor systems. Gain the confidence to become an administrator of a complex operating system.

  • Learn to install a variety of operating systems that replicate those many companies build
  • Participate in a lab where you are trusted to run your own network operating system
  • Develop the ability to keep networks safe from common security issues, and learn how to recover from events where security was compromised

Security Assessment Evaluator.

You can work in the field of IT security for public or private organizations that invest heavily in system security. Earning this badge proves you have the skills to help keep your company safe from today’s growing cyber threats.

  • Become proficient in security system fundamentals, and learn countermeasures to prevent gaps in your network
  • Understand how to analyze computers and systems for security issues before they impair business processes
  • Learn how to develop a security plan that meets your company’s need to protect confidential data

Application Service Project Driver.

You can be trusted to plan and prepare for network services installation projects. This course will ensure the main users of technology in your company are equipped to perform their tasks efficiently and trouble-free.

  • Become an administrator of Windows Server infrastructures and Enterprise systems
  • Learn advanced configurations that affect the deployment and management of this complex type of infrastructure
  • Understand key concepts such as failover clustering, disaster recovery, file services and more

Project Plan Leader.

As your capstone experience, this course will give you hands-on experience collaborating with others to work successfully through the system development life cycle.

  • Develop proof-of-concept materials for presentation to students and staff that include working prototypes
  • Understand team dynamics and the ways you can work with others to complete project goals
  • Execute a project plan that you can use as an example when speaking with prospective employers about your qualifications

Network Setup Planner.

Small business is a major component of our economy that we rely on as consumers and workers. You can learn how to help small businesses function at their highest level with the networking skills this badge indicates.

  • Troubleshoot hardware and software for common network device operating systems
  • Complete a hands-on project that proves your ability to help a business meet its network operating needs
  • Gain comprehensive education in wide area networks, private networks, routing protocols and more