Mobile Application Development Badges

Badges match key proficiencies employers look for in mobile application developer job candidates. These act as more visual ways promote your skills on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other online profiles. Badges are awarded for the following courses.

Mobile Operating System.

Ability to perform mobile app competitive analysis and make best practice recommendations for clients.

  • Learn functionality of major iOS and interfaces
  • Communicate best practices and preferred methods for clients
  • Proficient in mobile app troubleshooting, monitoring and maintenance

UI (User Interface)/UX (User Experience) Designer.

Optimize user experience and interfaces using the latest mobile app development technology.

  • Use design software to enhance UI/UX
  • Understand optimization techniques for all mobile platforms
  • Know how to build quality interfaces for all types of mobile apps

Business Application Security Policy Developer.

Keep apps secure from all vulnerabilities. Understand how to develop your security plan for risk prevention.

  • Learn how to build secure apps to minimize threats
  • Create plans for wireless security mobile app settings
  • Become proficient in counter-defense techniques

Quality Assurance Tester.

Become confident, accurate and accountable at verifying the quality of mobile apps for smooth implementation.

  • Make sure software is top-notch before implementation
  • Find errors and inspect software before users do
  • Create processes for quality assurance through all phases of development

Participant in Mobile App Development Team.

Develop the collaborative skills to work on a successful dev team while building apps on the iOS platform.

  • Develop apps that work on the iOS platform
  • Become proficient in Apple software and development tools
  • Understand how to debug apps for iPhones and iPads