Paralegal Badges

We created these badges to give you a striking visual element to add to your online professional and social profiles. The badges awarded in this program are based on key proficiencies employers look for in paralegal candidates. The badges awarded through our Paralegal program can help you prove to potential employers that you have the skills they need. You can be awarded a badge in up to five key areas that proves your ability to understand legal terminology, prepare legal research, prepare legal documents, apply organizational and management skills, and analyze alternative to litigation.

Paralegal Legal Terminology Expert

Legal Terminology Expert.

Interpret and apply legal terminology, principles and procedures.

Paralegal Westlaw User

Westlaw User.

Demonstrate proficiency in computer technology for use in a law office setting.

Prepare legal research and analysis.

Paralegal Litigation Pleadings Drafter

Litigation Pleadings Drafter.

Prepare legal documents and forms for various legal areas.

Paralegal Law Technology Guru

Law Technology Guru.

Apply organizational and law office management skills.

Paralegal ADR Marketing Brochure Creator

ADR Marketing Brochure Creator.

Analyze alternatives to litigation for resolution of disputes and the role paralegals play in the process.