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Paralegal Job Outlook is Bright

According to the United States Department of Labor, paralegal employment is expected to grow much faster than other occupations through 2016.  Many law offices are hiring paralegals to perform legal work once performed by attorneys.  Applicants with paralegal training will have the best opportunities.  For more information, see the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook
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What makes a good paralegal?

What makes a good paralegal?  The same qualities that make good lawyers.  Namely: being an excellent listener relentless dedication to enhancing one’s knowledge and skill-set being extremely detail-oriented possessing a great intuition having a tremendous passion for the law excellent research and writing skills This list is taken from the following article about good lawyers:

Why we are “in IT”

The world is a changed place from the one our parents once knew.  Technology is advancing at a staggering pace, and IT professionals are the people who can best assess and make use of these advances, on behalf of our employers. We, who are in IT, can play a critical role in improving the business
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Globe University/MSB/UCC Family of Schools

The Globe/Minnesota School of Business (Globe/MSB) criminal justice program started in 2006. It now has 250+ students in the program.   This is an increase of 150 students since August 2008. What makes our program so special?  “We Care” is the answer.  Globe University/Minnesota School of Business, respected since the 19th century for providing practical business
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Facility Tours

On February 23, 2009 a criminal justice class from Rochester, Minnesota visited the Steele County Crisis Center.  In addition they toured the Steele County Sheriff/Owatonna Police Law Enforcement Center and County Adult Detention Center. Ms. Sara Colby, the Director of the crisis center, was the first to meet with the class. She discussed issues and
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Catch a Wave

Demand for IT workers can be likened to ocean waves crashing to shore. When in school, you are preparing to get into the water and catch one of those waves. It is important to be agile and adaptable once in the water and be ready to catch the waves that are out there. In a
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Return on Investment “is IT”

I have often made the case that an information technology (IT) degree from one of our schools is an investment that has a better return than other comparable investments. Did you know though that one thing that IT professionals ought to be darn good at is calculating an estimated return on investment (ROI)? I believe
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