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Rooftop Massages for Fundraiser

Article written by Stephanie Petersen, Massage Program Coordinator, Minnesota School of Business, Brooklyn Center Campus On May 3, 2009, massage students from the Minnesota School of Business–Brooklyn Center campus participated in an exciting and rewarding event.   The students and their instructors were invited to the 7th Annual Mom’s/Women’s retreat hosted by the Bloomington/Richfield Early
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Paralegals and Legal Assistants in Film and Television

Television shows and movies have portrayed paralegals, legal assistants, and legal secretaries in a variety of ways. Like other careers, movies and television have given both positive and somewhat negative representations of paralegals and legal assistants. While the movie Erin Brockovich remains the most famous representation of a paralegal or legal assistant in film or
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Energy Work – What is it?

Energy work is a form of healing that has been used for thousands of years.  Energy work comes in many forms.  Some of the most popular forms are “Healing Touch”, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and many others. Energy work deals with the energy that exists in every living thing.  How energy moves from person to person
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Using Scribd To Find Legal Documents

The publishing industry continues to change at an alarming rate. San Francisco based Scribd, launched in March 2007, serves as a popular repository for documents, including legal documents. For example, a visitor to the website can find the National Hockey League (NHL) team Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy petition filed May 5, 2009. Visitors can also search
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Why C++?

The choice of C++ as our principle programming language was made for teaching both procedural and O-O principles in a single language. Experts will disagree as practitioners will lobby for what’s hot or for what they know. There are newer languages that have their advantages. However, C++ has specific advantages that few languages share.

Jail Audit of Pinellas County Florida

Associate Dean of Criminal Justice John France assisted the American Correctional Association with a reaccreditation audit of the Pinellas County Adult Detention Center in Largo Florida. He was there from May 5-May 7, 2009. John has been an accreditation auditor with the American Correctional Association since 1999 and he has conducted 10 audits of pretrial
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