ATVing in the Ozarks

I thank Polaris, and our grads who helped design our Razor, for a great experience in the Ozarks. Here are a few highlights.

Amy & Onyx

River Crossing

Keith & Onyx

This trail started out by going up a mountain–the highest in Arkansas, then went down to a river. We crossed the river 5 times. Remember all that rain the south got this past year? It made crossing the river challenging. It also made mud. Lots of mud. This video is the last crossing. I was very glad Keith had doors added to the vehicle. They prevented me from getting soaked.
River Crossing #5: Video

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2 Responses to ATVing in the Ozarks

  1. Keith Fossen says:

    Now that looks fun

    • Virginia Diaz says:

      I totally agree, looks like fun. Even better to know that some of the graduates helped design ATV! Thanks for sharing.

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