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2nd Annual Community Service Day a Success!

THANK YOU to those of you who participated in our 2nd annual GEN Community Service Day!  It was a wonderful success and the four Richfield, MN schools were dearly appreciative of the work we did.     The 65 of us worked on many things – from the direct contact with the students (making papier-mâché
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Crackdown on Illegal File Sharing

There have been a few news stories that caught my attention recently about illegal downloading that got me thinking more about the future regulations on our Internet in regards to file sharing.  Illegal downloading is just one of many misuses of the information technologies that we have today. I wouldn’t even say that it is
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The ‘Wise Old Man” is enjoyable to visit, based not on his intellect but his ‘wisdom’ of living life, observing, and sharing his thoughts of history and what we can learn from the lessons of history.  A few of his recent comments: A French writer once wrote  (not an exact quote) ‘The success of America
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5 Random Computer Tricks

There are always new and crazy things that can be found using the World Wide Web. Here are 5 cool/useful/not useful things that fellow IT people will be able to appreciate. Hopefully you can find a use for one of these and if you have already heard of it I am sorry but it is
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Another great recommendation by Mashable is Design:Related.   This site brings together designers from many different categories.  It’s great for those seeking inspiration and who have a desire to stay on top of important news in the industry.

Students for Academic Choice

Congratulations again on your success so far this quarter, and I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to take a minute and use your all important voice to show your support for career education and schools like Globe University, Minnesota School of Business, and Utah Career College. Recently, the U.S. Department of
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