Monthly Archives: August 2010

Westlaw Reclassifies Divorce Topic and Key Numbers

Periodically, the West Key Number System undergoes changes and updates. In August 2010, West attorney-editors completed sweeping changes to the Divorce topic (Topic   Number 134) in the West Key Number System that resulted in the reclassification of approximately 210,000 headnotes. Many of the key numbers assigned to the topic of “Husband and Wife” were reclassified
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What Inspires You?

We’ve tweeted and blogged about sources of inspiration we’ve found.  Now it’s time to hear what inspires you.  Where do you get your inspiration from for your designs?

Develop your Career by Joining a Professional Association

Joining a professional association is a great way to network and meet people within your chosen field of study.  Did you know that you can often get discounted memberships to these organizations just for being a student?  There is a professional association for almost any career field you can think of, and you can join
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