Money Careers: Massage Therapist

In a recent article in the US News, Massage Therapist was listed  as one of the top money making careers for 2012.  This is the second blog entry I have posted on this topic in the last few months, because I think it is important to take note that massage therapy is not only the medicine of the past, but the medicine of the future and the public is starting to take notice!

As stated in the most recent job outlook stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics massage therapy as a career is predicted to grow by 20.1 % between 2010 and 2020.  This is about 1% higher than the last outlook a year ago.  The demand for massage therapists continues to grow.  The median salary from the most recent Bureau of Labor stats is $34,900.00.

Becoming a massage therapist not only feeds the soul it can help pay the bills!

To read more, please click on the attached link.

For more information about a Career in Massage Therapy check out Broadview University Massage Programs.


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3 Responses to Money Careers: Massage Therapist

  1. I live in Spain and I am a Massage Therapist. I absolutely agree with Maria Leonard. The massage have to be more than a medicine, it have to be the part of our life. But needing lots of high qualified Therapist for that. Unfortunatelly there are many self-appointed low skilled massager mainly on the beach who is able to degrade this profession.
    So I am happy to see there are blog to increase schooled massage reputation. Because if somebody feel a real professional massage from sensational hands, that person are never be able to live without them.
    I wish you will get one…

    • Maria says:

      Thanks for your comments Zoltan. Thank you also for pointing out the importance of receiving an appropriate education in Massage Therapy before calling yourself a Massage Therapist. It is important that all of us across the world speak up about the wonderful field of Massage Therapy and Body Work and the need for properly educated, skilled and licensed Massage and Body Work professionals.

  2. Great post and thank you for the very informative details about massage. I agree with the content you posted. I will recommend this to my friend that is a therapist, too.

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