Criminal Justice Degree Online

Broadview University, Globe University and Minnesota School of Business now offer a scholarship for police officers Criminal Justice Degree Online

Eligible students must be employed as a police officer and be off probationary status. Retired police officers may also be eligible.The scholarship helps meet the growing trend of police officers pursuing higher education.  Obtain your Criminal Justice Degree Online.

“A bachelor’s degree is very desirable now in policing,” said Dan Swanson, criminal justice program chair at Broadview University in West Jordan, Utah. “This scholarship was created to motivate officers to earn their bachelor’s degree, which can help them move up within their organizations and broaden their foundation of knowledge.”  Advance in your career with a Criminal Justice Degree Online.

Students must be enrolled in the universities’ criminal justice bachelor’s degree program to be eligible. Eligible students will be awarded reduced tuition and reduced book fees.

Qualified students may receive prior learning credits for their police academy curriculum and work experience. Complete your education with a Criminal Justice Degree Online.  To learn more about this scholarship and our Criminal Justice Degree Online, call 1-877-395-2561

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