Medical Assistant Students Teach 7th Graders About Hearing Loss

Communication is a crucial skill to learning, especially for Medical Assisting students at Globe University. “If you can’t communicate with patients, you won’t be successful in the field,” Medical Assistant instructor, Dan Goplin, explains. With that in mind, Goplin developed a service-learning project aimed at improving his students’ ability to speak to and educate potential patients.

Collaborating with teachers at Sherman Middle school, Goplin guided his students on the development of an interactive presentation on auditory health for 7th graders.

According to Goplin, with the advent of iPods, and various other personal, electronic devices, young people are subjecting themselves to more and more conductive hearing loss. His students presented data about hearing loss and illustrated how loud music, especially from headphones, can have damaging consequences later in life. Students at Sherman Middle appeared attentive to the demonstration and asked thoughtful questions  throughout. Teachers at Sherman Middle School have also asked to keep a copy of the PowerPoint presentation for future use.

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  1. Dear Julie Christensen,
    Thanks for the info, Even though Medical Assisting programs and classes vary across the country (and depend on state accreditation standards), there are a number of common subjects most medical assisting students will learn about.

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