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The Globe Education Network Online Bookstore will open on June 26th for you to purchase your textbooks!

By ordering your books online you are ensuring that you receive the correct materials for your classes. To order, first log into your student email account on June 26th. There you should find an email with your voucher ID which will allow you to charge your textbooks to your student account. You should also receive an email with instructions to help you with the ordering process. If you have any questions while ordering your textbooks, please feel free to contact your Academic Advisor for assistance.

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3 Responses to Online Bookstore

  1. Melissa Settle says:

    I have attend school at the msb college in Moorhead MN and i have books that i would like to sell i was woundering if i have to go back to Moorhead and sell to them or if the books are ones you guys use as well, they are Basic college mathematics ISBN#0-547-01674-3, 100% Student Success ISBN# 13: 978-1-41801630-2, Writer’s Resources ISBN#015505084-2 Because i am starting on-line and they are not the right books that i need……Please get back to me so i can do what i need with them , Thank you very much
    Melissa Settle 701-269-2447 if you need to speak with me……

    • Serena Franken says:

      Hi Melissa!
      Thanks for your question, I have forwarded your request on to your academic coordinator who should be in touch with you shortly, regarding where you can sell back your books.

      Have a great break!

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