Former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) served as majority leader and identifies the 5 major hurdles related to full implementation of the Affordable Care Act. One hurdle, the Supreme Court decision, has been accomplished. The four remaining are legislative, administrative and regulatory implementation, state insurance exchanges in each state (50 hurdles !), and the final hurdle is the President must be re-elected for the ACA to survive.
Senator Daschle is a highly regarded political expert and lobbyist.

Health Care Managers will be watching the political posturing and impact very closely. As Senator Daschle stated:

The final hurdle may be the biggest — the political aspect. The president  must be reelected for the ACA to survive. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney  has pledged to repeal the law on his first day as president. If elected, while  he cannot do this single-handedly, he can virtually stop its implementation with  executive orders.

In addition, should the Republicans win control of the House and Senate, it  is likely that a legislative repeal effort would be successful. Given that the  law was passed using reconciliation rules in the Senate, only 51 votes would be  needed for repeal.

So the health care law is now one hurdle down — with four big ones to go.  Each threatens the law’s survival, just as the legal one did. Each must be  addressed with great care and innovation. The essential need to go five for five  sets a high bar.

But it is one that must be achieved.





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