Six of our Best Library Resources

Whether you are a new student or a returning student, here are some important Globe library resources that you can access from anywhere:

1.       You can find a link to the library in Campus Connect by using the “library” tab at the top. You can use this tab to access resources even when you’re off-campus.

2.       If you ever need help when you’re working from home, you can always use the ask a librarian feature on the website. This will connect you through chat or text with a librarian at one of our many campuses. For Appleton library assistance, Erin Wescott is your Campus Librarian and she can help you find sources, use APA Citations, or research a topic. You can also reach her from off-campus by email ( or phone: 920-364-1144 between 9am-7:30pm Mon.-Thurs. The library is also staffed in the evenings and on Friday by Library Assistant Shannon Wolf and Academic Coordinator Alissa Warpinski. They can also help you with all of your library needs!

3.       We recently added an FAQ feature, which lets you browse questions that are most frequently asked by students and receive quick answers. You can also conveniently ask any question of your own.

4.       We have Ebooks: You can find over 9,000 books in electronic format in our online library.

5.       We have articles, images, reports, and more. A lot of other content is included in the library’s databases. We have numerous databases to choose from and many of them are specialized for your program area. Find out more by taking a look at our Research by Topic guides.

6.      We have a virtual tour for anybody to see the many resources and tools that our library has to offer.

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  1. All of this content was very helpful. The virtual tour was the best feature of this article.

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