How to Make Your Facebook Profile Job Search Friendly: 10 Tips

Do employers look at your Facebook page?  You bet! That’s what Brady Lowe shares with business students at Globe University-La Crosse. If you’re a job seeker, there’s a good chance employers are researching you online! Here are 10 tips you can use to make your Facebook profile job search friendly!

Post and Tag Photos of Yourself Volunteering

Post and Tag Photos of Yourself Volunteering

1. Photos of Volunteer Activity:

Capture community service in photos. This shows that job seekers are active in the community, building their network, and connecting to other organizations. Check out these medical assistant alumni volunteering at the Children’s Museum!

2. Excellent Communication Skills: Yes, Facebook is a social site used to communicate with friends, but employers don’t want to see poor written communication from a job applicant anywhere! Eliminate slang, text lingo, and spelling and grammatical errors from all social media sites.

3. Time Spent Wisely: If your wall is full of Facebook game activity, employers will not be impressed with the way you spend your time. Don’t fill your wall with requests for animals, rubies, or for help on your farm. If employers see this, they may fear that you will play online games while at work!

Share Career Related Articles on Your Facebook

Share Career Related Articles on Your Facebook

4. Shares of Career-Related Articles:

Use sites like Twitter and StumbleUpon to find interesting news that relates to your career and share them with your network. This shows employers you’re interested in current career topics and interested in learning.

5. Professional Conversations: We can’t always predict what our friends will write on our wall, but we can monitor inappropriate conversations. Engage friends in conversations about current events, job related information, and volunteering activity. Inform your friends you want to fill your wall with positive and professional conversations and enlist their help!

6. Work Experience: LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook; however, because we know employers also research job applicants on Facebook, job seekers should include work history, experience, and accomplishments in their Facebook profile.

7. Samples of Your Work: Create an album for work related photos. If you develop webpages, include screen shots, if you design marketing materials, include samples, and if you manage events, include photos from the events. This is a great way to use Facebook as a visual portfolio of your work!

Connect with professionals in your community. Here is a photo from Brady Lowe's Facebook of him with Wafer Executive Director, Heidi Blanke.

Connect with professionals in your community. Here is a photo from Brady Lowe's Facebook of him with Wafer Executive Director, Heidi Blanke.

8. Connections with Professionals:

LinkedIn isn’t the only place to connect with professionals, use Facebook too.  If employers find that your Facebook friends are also area professionals, they’ll see that you’re connected with local leaders. Employers may attribute the positive characteristics of your friends to you. Additionally, if many of your friends have unprofessional photos or content on their pages, employers may attribute their negative characteristics to you. Choose friends wisely.

9. Activity with Professional Groups: Check in at Chamber of Commerce events, share updates about your Rotary, Kiwanis, or Lions club, and post positive comments about local nonprofit organizations. These comments will show employers you’re well connected, interested in the activities in your community, and up-to-date with current events. These veterinary technician students recently volunteered at Bark for Life and shared photos from the event!

Post Updates of Activity with Professional Groups and Volunteerism

Post Updates of Activity with Professional Groups and Volunteerism

10. Career-Related Likes and Interests:

If you work in healthcare, include healthy food, exercise, and healthy living in your interests. If you work in IT, list programming, website development, and technology among your interests. Employers like to hire people who are skilled in their professions and passionate about their field of work. People who enjoy work are likely to be more productive, driven, and lifelong learners.

If you follow these simple steps, employers will be wowed if they find  your Facebook profile! Keep in mind, even if you have your Facebook security settings at the highest level, you can never be 100% sure who’s looking at it. Make sure everything you have on your profile is professional, appropriate, and that you’d be comfortable with your profile being shown on the nightly news. That’s how public the information actually is!

Is your Facebook employer ready?!

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