Massaging for Free May Help You Get New Clients

I came across an article that discusses the topic of massaging and blogging for free to gain exposure.  The article discusses how The Huffington Post “hires” bloggers to be “citizen jounalists” and blog for free for the their newspaper and in-turn they gain exposure.  The article also discusses how The Huffington Post is sponsoring a massage retreat of sorts at the Republican National Convention and has massage therapists massaging for free to gain exposure.  However, according to the article, they did donate $40,000.00 to a not for profit in lieu of paying the massage therapists.

I personally don’t see anything wrong with sometimes working for free to build a reputation as a massage therapist or a blogger, for that matter, especially when you are starting out.  It seems like smart business to me.  This article discusses whether or not this is right.

Click here to read the article.  I would love to hear what you think so please share your thoughts.


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  1. As long as you limit the time spent and travel involved this could be a good way to gain business.

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