Massage Therapy at the Airport Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Have you ever been laid over in the airport with lots of time to spare? Or have you run to make a flight only to find out that your flight was delayed? If you have flown recently I am sure your answer is a resounding YES! Well I have a great suggestion of what to do while waiting for your next flight – get a massage. Yes, you heard me right. Many airports now have kiosks that offer massage. I actually took advantage of this airport benefit recently. I was feeling pretty exhausted after arriving in Boise, Idaho and while heading towards the car rental pickup, my travel partner spotted The Massage Bar and suggested we get a massage. I jumped at the suggestion. Best idea ever!!!

I must say I have been quite skeptical of the idea of massage in the airport, in the past, but my mind was changed after this experience. The skilled therapist did an excellent job of locating my problem areas and relieving my pain. I started out with 15 minutes and quickly upped it to 30 minutes. The massage was well done and highly effective.

I recommend spending your lay over money at The Massage Bar instead the other Bar at least once in a while.

To learn more about massage at airports, click here.


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2 Responses to Massage Therapy at the Airport Why Didn’t I Think of That?

  1. Susie Draeger says:

    This is brilliant! As seats get smaller, tarmac waits get longer; what a positive way to spend layover time! I agree! Lose the cocktail and opt for the massage!

  2. Ion says:

    Massage at the airport is really a great idea and I think it’s a great business opportunity for massage therapists. In the airports are always a lot of tired people who would love to get a 15-30 minutes massage.

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