I Chose Globe University Because…

Globe University student Jessica Behling graduates from the Veterinary Technology program on October 4.

As we near the Early Fall 2012 graduation ceremony, another graduate tells us just why she decided to attend Globe University. Through her hard work and dedication to learning, Jessica Behling will join 16 other graduates on Thursday to walk across the stage at graduation – and continue on a journey to success.

After graduation, Jessica will become the newest employee at the Fox Valley Animal Referral Center. “I got my dream job already because of what Globe University has taught me,” Behling said. “I absolutely love it there!”

Program chair Rebecca Lange & resident veterinarian Dr. Holly Kallio, along with other veterinary technology program faculty members, often take trips with students to visit establishments in the Fox Valley much like the Animal Referral Center. They are able to observe multiple specialized surgeries as well as gain some hands-on experience with animals and network with local professionals.

Jessica says that she chose Globe University because of the hands-on experience that she has gained while attending school. Along with the ‘learning by doing’ atmosphere through service and applied learning projects, she enjoyed the high level of attention and guidance from faculty and the lasting relationships that she made. “The teachers were all amazing and were always there to help you through every step of the way,” Behling said. “I made some great friendships that will continue on after Globe!”

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5 Responses to I Chose Globe University Because…

  1. Jennifer Drewry says:

    Jessica, Good luck at the Fox Valley Animal Referral Center! We are all very proud of you!

  2. Rebecca Lange says:

    Way to go Jessica! It was a pleasure to be your instructor and we are all very proud to add you to the team of Veterinary Technicians!!!

  3. Lacey Miehe says:

    We are so proud of you!!!

  4. Ann Hintz says:

    Way to go Jessica! Congrats on your job and completing your degree!!

  5. Kimberly Stevens says:

    Congratulations Jessica! We are so glad you enjoyed your experience here. We wish you the best of luck. Please keep in touch!

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