Choosing a Law Enforcement Career Path

Written by Doug Murdock, campus librarian

As I’ve discovered since I’ve been doing these Globe University blogs, sometimes events, people, or even both shine a light on a career path for someone, just as much as a book might. And sometimes it can even be all three.

Joey Collins, criminal justice program chair at Globe University-Sioux Falls

In the case of Joey Collins, criminal justice program chair at Globe University in Sioux Falls, S.D., his brother and an event both influenced his career in law enforcement. Here’s how he tells his story:

“Originally, I had no intentions of working in law enforcement even though my grandfather and two brothers were in law enforcement. My grandfather was the Chief of Police and both of my brothers were officers or deputy sheriffs. My goal in life a very long time ago was to become a teacher. I wanted to teach high school business classes and also do coaching of some sort.

“I had the opportunity to do a ride-a-long with my brother, Kelly. After those eight hours, I knew that I wanted to be in law enforcement. It seemed the eight hours went by so fast because he was busy taking calls, helping people, and enforcing traffic violations. It was at that point that I decided to prepare myself for being able to apply for and work at a police department.

“I have been in law enforcement for approximately 20 years now and I would not change a thing. Once in a while, though, I wonder what I might be doing now had I not gone with my brother that day.”

How about you? What event or person or book influenced you the most to start your professional education or career?

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One Response to Choosing a Law Enforcement Career Path

  1. Rhonda Olson says:

    My DARE instructor Trooper Randy Moorehead of the Nebraska State Patrol inspired me. I was a 5th grader and the first day of Dare class from the moment I walked in the room and seen how proud he was to wear his uniform, I wanted to be an officer! I kept myself out of trouble through high school and put myself through college to earn my AAS in CJ. I dispatched for 3 years and then went through NLETC. I was a Deputy Sheriff in Nebraska for 3 1/2 years before moving to Yankton. I did reciprocity to earn my South Dakota certification and have been with the Yankton P.D. for over 3 1/2 years. Love my job and I too want to earn my Masters so I can teach others!

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