Landing a Job in Criminal Justice

If you are in the Criminal Justice programs at Globe University, you will need 2 things to land your dream job.  Those two things are education and experience.  You can further your education with an associate or bachelor’s degree like the ones offered at Globe University. 

 The second key component is the valuable experience that should be gained while pursuing your education.  Instructors and current professionals in the industry encourage students to obtain a volunteer or paid position while in school.  Students should reach out to criminal justice organizations such as police departments, jails, prisons, probation departments and security companies.  Students should inquire about volunteer or entry level positions.

 Students that are able to volunteer or work in the industry find that they are able to apply the material that they learn in class to their work, gain valuable experience and have the opportunity to network with others in the industry.  Students that invest their time early in their academic programs often find that they are able to obtain their desired position prior to graduation. 

Globe University students are encouraged to work with their instructors and our Career Services Department to learn more about available positions, preparing resumes and cover letters and interview techniques. 

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One Response to Landing a Job in Criminal Justice

  1. Sherry Hunter says:

    What a great article! It is so important for Criminal Justice students to volunteer, obtain internships, and get out there and become familiar with the community in which they will one day work within. So many agencies specifically look for job candidates who have taken their time to volunteer. It shows that you value the people in your community, and that you truly have the motivation to “help others”. It is also a great way to learn! So many of us have been unsure of exactly what area of the criminal justice field we want to work in, by volunteering and doning internships, not only do you build up your resume, you have the opportunity to gain some experience in all areas and learn where you excell! Volunteering helps you learn where you do not want to work and where you certainly do. We can learn from books and in the classroom of course, but exploring the criminal justice areas firsthand is so valuable to your own personal success n the field. Volunteering is a “win win” situation! You gain the experience and knowledge needed in the criminal justice field, and the people and commuity in which you volunteer gain your time and much needed help. Not to mention…volunteering and giving your time feels incredible! When you do for others and witness how much you truly do make a difference…well, no feeling can compare! Who knows, you may start out volunteering and/or doing an intership for the purpose of your education but end up loving it so much that you do it because you want to…not because you should.

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