Lt. Governor Kleefisch Shares Insights and Laughs with Globe University Green Bay

Wisconsin Lt Governor Kleefisch visits Globe University Green BayOn Wednesday, October 17, 2012 Globe University Green Bay staff and students welcomed the visit of Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. Lt. Governor Kleefisch toured the campus, meeting students and hearing about the hands-on learning and career applications that students learn in their programs. Lt. Governor Kleefisch shared that Globe University was doing amazing things and that it was an excellent choice as an educational opportunity for students who were career seeking.


Lt. Governor Kleefisch had an open question and answer session with over 20 students and staff, where she discussed her thoughts on the second presidential debate, the Wisconsin education system and moving the state forward. She fielded many difficult questions from students and staff as well. Tina Panske, a paralegal student at Globe University Green Bay stated, “the best part was that I was able to speak with (Lt. Governor) Rebecca Kleefisch about a situation we are trying to resolve with the state. She is very helpful!”

An astounding fact the Lt. Governor shared with the audience was that when she and Governor Walker were elected, the Wisconsin state deficit was $3.6 billion, yesterday they were able to put $107 million into a savings surplus.

 Lt. Governor Kleefisch brings an upbeat personality and is straightforward talking about critical issues that face our students and staff. It was refreshing to know that she can connect with her constituents on a personal level.

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6 Responses to Lt. Governor Kleefisch Shares Insights and Laughs with Globe University Green Bay

  1. Mark Taggart says:

    I must say that I was quite impressed with Lt. Governor Kleefisch! She seems to be genuine, smart, and caring. My biggest takeaway from her visit to our campus is the hard fact that her team erased Wisconsin’s deficit. I completely understand that it was painful for some folks, however, these tough times call for tough measures.

    • Shilo Platts says:

      How about “tough measures” that also include raising taxes on the top income earners? Asking the wealthy across this country to pay a bit more, and to pay their fair share, is reasonable and pragmatic.

  2. By far the best visit we have had to our campus. I was so excited to meet Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. I agree with you Mark, what a great accomplishment. The Lt. Governor was extremely receptive on campus, and did a great job of listening to our story. Thank you for visiting!

  3. Jeryl Fleck says:

    This visit was amazing and Lt. Governor Kleefisch is an exceptional woman. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting her, I hope you do soon!

  4. Kristin Thyrion says:

    The visit was great! Thanks again Lt. Governor Kleefisch!

  5. Jackie Doperalski says:

    Sorry I missed it! It sounded like she really took the time to not only hear the questions and concerns the students and faculty/administration had but also took the time understand them. With such a politically charged year, it is good to know we still have people in office who are really there to represent their constituents rather than seek their own agenda or just occupy space.

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