Globe University Hosts Criminal Justice and Legal Preview Day

Globe University-Madison West welcomed more than 100 students from three area high schools to experience informational sessions on many aspects of the criminal justice and paralegal fields.

Molly Siegel, Globe University high school admissions representative, explained the preview day. “We like to hold these high school preview days to allow teachers, counselors and students to see the facilities and resources we have on campus,” she said. “Students were introduced to the different police and military units we work with and learned about the scholarship opportunities they have as high school students. Hopefully, as students experience our campus, they become informed on another option for college, which is Globe University.”

field sobriety test, Criminal Justice degree, College Preview Day, Globe University

Evansville Police Chief and Criminal Justice Program Chair Scott McElroy assist a student during a field sobriety test while Officer Patrick Reese monitors the test.

Each session was geared to engage students in various aspects of criminal justice and paralegal practices. Each group cycled through the sessions, which included:

  • Impairment Demonstration with Chief Scott McElroy and Officer Patrick Reese from the Evansville Police Department. Students learned about drunken driving laws and experienced a field sobriety test while wearing vision impairment goggles which mimicked being under the influence.
  • K-9 Explosives Demonstration with Officer Brent Plisch, University of Wisconsin Police Department. Students witnessed Odin, a German Shepard, search for explosives in the classroom while Officer Plisch discussed the K9 unit, training and a day’s work protecting the UW campus.
  •  Military Police with Sergeant Lee Tibert and Sergeant Jeff Knuth from the United States Army. Students sampled MREs, tried on army packs and learned about the different criminal justice jobs available with the military police.
  • Community Awareness Officers with Officer Jill Tutaj from the Middleton Police Department. Officer Tutaj discussed the role of a community awareness officer, the benefits of this role in the community, as well as how students can get a head start in the criminal justice field by becoming a Volunteer in Police Service (VIPS).
  • Mock Jury Selection with Erin Everett, paralegal and program chair at Globe University-Madison West. Students worked in two groups representing either the defense or prosecutors in a mock jury selection process. The case used was similar to the current Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case.

When asked about the preview day, students reacted positively.

“My favorite part about today, so far, was learning about the bomb sniffing dog.  I liked it because the dog was right there demonstrating. It was interesting.” –Senior at Memorial High School.

K9 Explosvie Demonstration, UWPD K9 unit, Officer Brent Plisch, Odin, Criminal Justice

Odin, a German Shepard working in the UWPD K9 unit, sniffs a student's bag as Officer Brent Plisch explains the search process.

“My favorite one was the Evansville police department. I learned a lot about drunk driving. I did the walk with the goggles and it impaired my vision way more than I ever expected it to. It was really shocking and scary to see how some people drive.” –Junior at Clark Street Community School.

“The dog was cute. The cop seemed really informed about the K9 unit and he was able to thoroughly answer every question we had. It was also cool to see how well the dog could do its job.”- Junior at Memorial High School.

Criminal Justice Program Chair, Chief Scott McElroy reflected on the day, “I thought the event today went great.  I know the session we had was wonderful. We literally didn’t have enough time to give every kid the opportunity to try on the vision impairment glasses but we did as many as we could. They were full of questions and I thought it was very worthwhile and I hope I see some of these students again.”

This was the first of four high school preview days for the Fall Quarter. The preview days will spotlight Globe University’s health and wellness, veterinary technology and agricultural business programs.

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  1. Jamie Buenzli says:

    Thank you to all of the students, teachers and counselors who visited Globe University for our first Criminal Justice and Legal Career Preview Day. Also, a special thanks to all of the law enforcement officers, military sergeants and program chairs that made this event a huge success!

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