Business Instructor Uses iPad to Enhance Student Learning

With the edUX initiative well underway at Globe University-Woodbury, Project Management Instructor Tom Hakko offered his students a choice: write a final paper or use the iPad to create a movie as a final project. He was surprised by their response.

“Half the students chose the paper because it was familiar,” Hakko said. “We need to keep pushing them and expanding their horizons. That is what college is for.”

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(L-R): Carl Monson, Kyle Scanlon, Jerry Cassidy, Instructor Tom Hakko, Cory Schultz, Michael Mathews, and Cliff Schneider

Students embrace new technology        

Six students in one class chose to create an iMovie about multitasking. The goal was to document multitasking and evaluate its efficiency. Talking about the students who chose to write a paper instead of utilizing the iPad, IT program student, Michael Mathews, said, “I think it is a left-brain, right-brain issue. Some don’t see themselves as creative.”

So how did making a movie help them learn?

“It was about doing segments, editing, adding music,” medical assistant program student, Jerry Cassidy, said. “It was interesting.”

In addition to learning the new technology needed to create a movie, they also learned a lot about themselves and about people in general. Student Kyle Scanlon said that he learned one crucial lesson. “People don’t really like to be filmed.”

Not losing the message

While the technology aspect was important to the assignment, Hakko points out that the students were supposed to learn about multitasking, a common business principle. The students, while enthusiastic about the technology, did not miss the point.

“I’ve learned that we are all liars. We all say we’re multitasking, but we’re not,” IT student, Cory Schultz, said. “What people call multitasking is really just focusing on one thing at a time, but doing it for shorter periods.”

Hakko said that he thinks the project was very successful. He enjoys watching the videos that the students create. It is not just about what they have learned, but also what he learns about the students in the different medium for expressing themselves.

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  1. Jacquelynn Colling says:

    I like it! Using the iPad has been highly annoying for me and I definitely prefer other methods of learning. However, coming together as a team to create a video representing student comprehension of course material is effective for a lot of students. It makes you think a little more than just writing a boarding paper like every other class curriculum.

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