10 Tips to Land a Job in the Banking Industry

business administration degree

Joelle Thies, Wells Fargo recruiter

As the director of career services for the Globe University-Sioux Falls campus, I know all too well the variety of industries available to our business administration degree graduates.  However exciting this plethora of opportunities may be to those grads, it is simultaneously overwhelming to understand and prepare for such a variety of business fields. 

Many ask the common question, “How do I set myself apart from other candidates?”  In order to specifically answer this question, I turned to Wells Fargo recruiter, Joelle Thies, for advice within the banking industry. Our career services team works closely with Thies to inform, promote and market open positions at Wells Fargo to our current students and graduates.

Thies has 16 years of experience in the banking industry and she will tell you that banking is less about numbers and more about people.  Financial institutions offer a diverse range of opportunities that touch on many backgrounds, including sales, marketing, accounting, education and law. 

Thies asserts that “it would be worth your while to see where your interests and experiences fit in the banking industry!”

Anyone having difficulties beginning the application process should take a moment and review Thies’s Top Ten Tips for Getting Hired in the Banking Industry:

  1. Understand banking.  The industry is not just number crunching/accounting based.  The primary focus is on the customers.  Sales and customer service play a huge role.
  2. Know what you are applying for.  Not knowing much about the position you’re applying for might come across as lack of genuine interest in that job.
  3. Highlight your experience.  Do this as it relates to the position you’re applying for.  If it requires sales experience, show that you have it.
  4. Many companies promote from within.  Be flexible to start in a position that will get you on the career path you’re looking for.
  5. Ask questions.  The “right hire” is just as much about you wanting the position as it is about the company wanting to hire you.  Make sure it’s what you’re looking for.
  6. Be honest.  If you answer questions the way you think they should be answered versus how you honestly feel, you may end up in a job that you are not happy in.
  7. Network.  The best resources for information about companies and potential opportunities are the people working there.
  8. Be patient and diligent.  Finding the right position will take time and energy.
  9. Be positive and enthusiastic.  Attitude is everything!

And the last important tip for getting hired in the banking industry . . .

    10.  Listen to experts like Thies!

By Ann Kolbrek, Director of Career Services, Globe University-Sioux Falls