12 Resume Tips to Land Your Dream Job

Resume tipsOn March 7, Baker Tilly Search and Staffing employees Katie Kleisner and Bob Faulds visited our accounting degree students in the Intermediate Accounting class at Globe University-Madison East. They provided useful insights and resume tips to land your dream job.

Baker Tilly Search and Staffing recruits employees for non-public entities. They recruit for all levels of accounting needs, from clerical employees to chief financial officers.

The key to a great resume is keeping it out of the “no” pile, and even better than that, keeping it on top of the “yes” pile. Each resume sent out should be tailored to the position, and it should be a living, breathing document.

Here are Bob and Katie’s 12 tips for a successful resume:

  1. Look for the keywords in the job posting.  Integrate those keywords into your resume.
  2. Re-write your objective to match it to the position you are applying for.
  3. Proofread your resume.  Determine that all dates are correct, and that all words are spelled correctly.
  4. Create your resume using bullet points.  Your resume then becomes much more organized and easier to read.
  5. Put your most recent experience at the top of your resume.
  6. Within each position, showcase the duties that are most applicable to the desired position first.
  7. Use only standard fonts and font sizes.  The most common font is Times New Roman, and it is best to use 12 point font.
  8. Did you save your employer money, or make them additional money?  Showcase these accomplishments in your resume.
  9. Instead of listing your job duties, detail the process taken to complete the tasks.  For example, instead of just listing accounts payable, explain that you open the mail, enter the invoices into the accounting system, collect payment, etc.
  10. Explain any processes that you automated.
  11. It is good to list 15 years of relevant career experience.
  12. Do not list personal information on your resume, including your picture.

Other job search tips Katie and Bob shared with students seeking a degree in accounting degree include the following:

  • If you do not have any work experience in the field you want to be employed in, volunteer to complete tasks that will give you the necessary experience.  Serve on the audit committee of your church.  Serve as the financial secretary for the church.  Serve on a non-profit board as the treasurer.
  • If you have the opportunity to work five hours per week completing career related tasks, take those opportunities.  Five hours a week working with Quickbooks is much better than no experience at all.
  • Only create a cover letter if asked to in the job posting.
  • Don’t be afraid, while in school, to take temporary positions that will help you get experience.
  • Get references!  Ask each person if they are willing to be a reference.  Also ask if they will provide a good reference.
  • Utilize tools such as LinkedIn, Monster.com and Craigslist to search for jobs.

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By Emily Olson, Accounting Program Chair at Globe University -Madison East and Madison West Campuses