Accounting Assets – Accounting Chair of the Month, Ron Myszkowski

Ron Myszkowski

I am the Chair of the Business and Accounting Programs on the Plymouth Campus. I graduated from The University of Michigan when Bo Schlembechler was still coaching football there. I actually played football at Michigan, albeit it was with a round ball (soccer). While at school I programmed computer graphics on an IBM-360. It was the size of a house and used punch cards as input! I taught High School Physics and coached Men’s and Women’s Varsity Soccer. I worked for Chrysler Corp and once appeared in a commercial with Lee Iacocca. I worked on a project that created the first computer image of a new Chrysler design, the Chrysler Le Baron. I designed, developed, and internationally marketed design automation software, targeted to the automotive product development market. I did this at Control Data Corporation, ICEM Technologies, and Parametric Technology (PTC). These products were integrated with a sister product, EDL, that was one of the first Management Information Systems (MIS). It was Information Technology before the Internet! I used the Internet for business on a daily basis before there was a Netscape or Internet Explorer. As Director of Strategic Marketing I was responsible for expanding our markets into new geographic and industrial segments, as well as handling special issues with key clients. I worked for companies that earned more than a $1 billion a year, and I worked for companies, two actually, that lost more than a $1 billion a year! I supervised a work group of four at Chrysler Corporation, managed a department of twelve at Control Data Corporation, and directed an international, virtual team at ICEM Technologies and PTC. I taught a Process and Technology Seminar, at the Management Center, University of St. Thomas. I have been an Adjunct Professor at The Carlson School of Management, The University of Minnesota. I have Masters in International Management from the University of St. Thomas. My recreational interests include yacht racing and opera. I have traveled to 26 countries, including two that don’t exist anymore. The photo above is of me in one of my favorite countries, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, doing what I love doing the most, sailing.