Accounting Assets – Increase in Demand for Forensic Accountants

Increase Demand for Forensic Accountants

I have been hearing for the last several years that the incidence of fraud in the workplace is on the increase. Pick up any newspaper and you can read proof of that. With an increase in fraud comes an increase in accounting positions to detect and prevent fraud. In fact, forensic accounting is probably the fastest growing area in accounting today.

The AICPA Forensic and Valuation Services conducted a survey and found that 47 percent of forensic accountants surveyed indicated that “they are seeing a noticeable increase in demand for their services.” (AICPA Insights, at The AICPA also surveyed professionals in business and industry, and 54 percent indicated that their companies would increase their use of forensic accountants.

With an increasing demand for these employees, one would think there would be an increase in education programs to ready students for the field of forensic accounting. Surprisingly not. Who is training these individuals? Accounting firms are moving their employees that have had “some experience” in the field to their forensic divisions. Some are doing additional training, but there is a need for developing the skills of the entry level positions.

Globe University/Minnesota School of Business started a Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting program in the Fall of 2011. This program combines accounting skills with investigative, computer, and legal skills to ready students to immediately immerse themselves in a fraud prevention/detection role. This is a perfect program for students who want to enter the field from the ground up.

Unfortunately, fraud and corruption are on the increase.  Fortunately, Globe University/Minnesota School of Business has taken the first step. Let’s match the supply with the demand for fraud detection and prevention.