Accounting Assets – Wacky Tax Deductions


The Minnesota society of CPAs recently listed some of the most outrageous tax deductions their clients had suggested. Here are a few. You can see them all at

  1. Deceased Hunting Dog

One client wanted to depreciate a dead dog. He was a hunting guide.

2. An Expensive Bra – The client claimed “it was a legitimate expense as it helped  keep “these” off my desk so I can get my work done!”

3. Motorbike – the client used it as a delivery bike.

4. Many want to claim dog food, veterinary services, grooming, etc. as these pets are used to “guard and protect” various things.

5. Local Politician – claim as a deduction because client is “paying his salary”

6. Children’s school fees as training expenses for a company the parent runs.

7. Russian Bride – expense for the dowry needed to pay her family.

8. Hash Brownies – they were needed to relieve stress from a harrowing job.

9. Play Station – a Schedule C expense?

10. Rugby player’s Fast Food and Beer – he needed it to gain weight in order to earn his income.