Accounting for College: How Beverly Kile Goes the Extra Mile

To someone like myself, just the word “accounting” can invoke some serious emotional reactions. I mean honestly, I can’t be the only one who looks at balance sheets and various accounting statements as if they’re hieroglyphics…can I?

But, to someone like our online accounting degree instructor Beverly (Bev) Kile, those things have become a second language and her area of expertise. In fact, Bev is a current instructor in our Accounting Principles I & II, Accounting Systems, Payroll Accounting, Tax I & II and Small Business Management classes for the Globe University-Online campus.

online accounting degree

Online Accounting Instructor Beverly Kile

That’s why Bev decided to lend her experience and knowledge of accounting procedures to a local nonprofit organization called Best Prep. Best Prep helps prepare students in grades 4-12 as they learn business, career, and financial literacy skills.

Bev’s role in helping the organization actually took place in the classroom, where she presented on the topic of “Money Matters.” During her presentation, Bev engaged students on the topics of why money matters and the fundamental differences between wants and needs. Many of the young students intend on attending college in the future, so Bev was also able to demonstrate how they can make that happen using general accounting procedures.

“The purpose is to get them thinking about how they can change their spending habits on wants to what they actually need, so they can save money for their college costs,” Bev said on her day with Best Prep students.

In addition to Bev’s classroom presentation, she also helped students lay out a college savings plan. To do this, Bev got the students thinking about how they could change or monitor their spending habits to fit their new savings plan.

Bev is truly one of the best when it comes to engaging and interacting with her students. Her vast experience both in the accounting industry and education make for a vibrant and fun learning environment for her students.

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