Business Chair Shares Tax Tips on Local TV Show

Globe University-Woodbury campus business program chair Tom Hakko recently shared his tax time expertise on the television show, “On the Fly” on My29, a local entertainment show that focuses on pop culture, Hollywood news and hot regional events.

Previously, Tom shared his expertise on taking advantage of the Black Friday deals. This time Hakko shared his knowledge on minimizing the stress of filing your taxes in 2015.

On the  show, Hakko explains how and why experts recommend limiting the size of your tax refund. Click on the video to learn more. 

The interview wraps up explaining that everyone should file early to avoid the possibility of identity theft. Hakko explains there is little you can do if your identity is stolen and a fraudulent tax return is filed in your name. 

Hakko’s Tax Tip Takeaways:

  • Don’t give the government free use of your refund money. Look at your refund and see if you want to make changes.
  • Change your W-4 at work and start an automatic savings program if you choose to reduce your refund.
  • File early!