Globe University-Wausau Partners with Liberty Income Tax

Recently, Andrea Palas, the director of admissions for the Globe University-Wausau campus, enjoyed meeting with representatives of Liberty Income Tax service in Wausau about the Business Alliance Partnerships available with Globe University, and how businesses can benefit by partnering with us. This meeting was suggested by a Globe University-Wausau criminal justice student Katie Syring who is also a marketing specialist at Liberty Income Tax.

globe university wausau

Andrea Palas, director of admissions, Globe University-Wausau

A Business Alliance Partnership is an agreement between a local business and Globe University to work together to create a stronger workforce through education. In this partnership, Globe offers their partners educational opportunities for their employees through scholarships, access to the expertise of the Globe’s staff and faculty, and workshops and training sessions.

In this case, everyone agreed that this partnership would be of great benefit to both Globe University-Wausau and Liberty Income Tax, and shortly thereafter, the agreement was finalized.

When Jim Webb, the accounting program chair, heard about our latest Business Alliance Partner, he decided to take a trip to Liberty Tax to find out more about them and how we might be able to help them.

“What a perfect opportunity for me to get involved with this business,” Jim said.  “After all, they are in and involved with accounting, right?”

accounting program

Liberty Income Tax Wausau location

He spoke at length with Sue Syring, a tax preparer with Liberty, and found out that she ultimately wants to manage a location. She spoke with Jim about the benefits of continuing her education, and how this will help her reach her goal. She is now seriously considering pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting at Globe.

Sue said, “Wow, this is something I really would like to do but haven’t thought about it for a long time.”

When Sue does continue her education with Globe University-Wausau, she will be eligible for the Business Alliance Partner scholarship. The employees of our partners can receive a scholarship for 10 percent of the cost of tuition each quarter they attend Globe University and remain employed with the partner, up to $5,000 total. This opportunity is available for all of the employees of Liberty Income Tax of Wausau, including Katie Syring.

Criminal Justice

Katie Syring, Criminal Justice student, as the Liberty Income Tax mascot.

Katie had previously expected to delay pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice after she obtained an associate degree, but she now intends to go forward.  She said, “I know that getting a bachelor’s degree in this field will really help me. The scholarship will help make that happen! I’m looking forward to continuing on this path with Globe.”


Written by Jim Webb, accounting program chair and Nora Craven, campus librarian.