Helping the Local Community – Lambeau Field and Beyond

 by Phil Handrick, Business Program Chair, Globe University-Wausau

business degree, accounting degree, Globe UniversityWhile the holiday season is a festive time of the year, there are others who may not be as lucky as you and could use a helping hand. For this upcoming holiday season, the Accounting & Business Club of Globe University-Wausau has chosen to help the Salvation Army’s annual donation drive. Molly Thao, the club’s Vice President, worked one of the Salvation Army positions last year and thought it would be a good opportunity for the club to get involved during this holiday season.

“The Salvation Army has helped my family in the past, and now I can help them in return,” Molly said.

Along with participating in the numerous on-campus activities this past year, the club helped out the Boys & Girls Club of the Wausau Area during their spring beautification, and for our next stop…Lambeau Field. As an upcoming fund drive this December, members of the club, along with friends and family, will be traveling to the home of the Green Bay Packers where they will be volunteering their time to work the concession stands to earn funds for the club and to donate to a local charity.

Since the induction of our newest club officers, Tabitha Edson (President), Molly Thao (Vice-President), and Amanda Johnson (Secretary), we’ve seen a significant increase in student involvement with our club meetings and community involvement. Tabitha, Molly and Amanda have gone above and beyond encouraging our accounting degree and business degree students to become involved in our club’s activities. The students have done an outstanding job in rising to the occasion.

With club participation on the rise, the students prove they have a voice to be heard when it comes down to how the club will continue to reach out to our local community.

Although we’ve had good turnouts at our meetings and fundraising activities, we encourage all the accounting and business students on campus to become an active member in the club and let their voice be heard.

What’s in it for you and where can you volunteer?

Merriam-Webster defines volunteerism as “the act or practice of doing volunteer work in community service”.  Social responsibility is becoming more prominent in society as many of today’s businesses share a common belief that they need to give back to their community in order to enhance their public image and improve community relations.

During a 2011 survey conducted by CBS News, they determined that 70% of the Human Resource professionals “preferred [job] candidates who held an unpaid volunteer position or internship directly in the candidate’s career field over experience in a paid job that may not be directly in the candidate’s career field”.

By becoming a volunteer you can give something back to your local community as well as be gaining hands-on experience for what may await you when you gain employment at your dream job. 

As you walk around campus and notice the canned goods and Toys-For-Tots collection box, you may be asking “What’s in it for me?”, and rightfully so. While these are holiday-specific collections, there are many organizations in our area that would benefit from your volunteered time. With companies focusing more and more toward social responsibility, you will improve your chances of gaining employment if you’re able to establish a history of volunteer work on your resume.

While there are some possibilities for you to donate or volunteer for the upcoming holidays, your program’s Student Club and advisor are a good place to start and can provide additional information about businesses in the area that would benefit from your involvement.

Here are some of the more common nonprofit organizations if you’re looking for a way to give back to your community during the upcoming holiday season:


If you’re looking for a way to give back to those less fortunate, you can volunteer your time at homeless shelters, donate canned goods or toys, or even donate money to organizations such as the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, St. Jude, or your local church. While your thoughtfulness at that moment is helping someone in need, you are actually setting yourself up for future success.