Kiss a Pig, Reach 552 Children

business administration program

Scott Miller, president of the business and accounting student organization presents their donation to Paul Gilbertson, co-founder and CEO of REACH a Child.

The Globe University-Madison West Business and Accounting student organization, GBA, proudly presented Paul Gilbertson, co-founder and CEO of of R.E.A.C.H a Child,a donation of 552 children’s books and $552 in matching funds for the Buck and a Book fundraiser.

R.E.A.C.H a Child is a Madison-based nonprofit organization that focuses on providing backpacks full of children’s books for first responders to give to children who experience a traumatic event, such as a fire, accident or domestic disturbance.

In addition to helping boost literacy, this effort serves as a crime prevention tool as the book distribution creates a positive relationship between local officers and children in the community.

Throughout most of the quarter, contributors were able to anonymously donate books in bins around campus. Financial donations were raised in various ways, including several lunch fundraisers hosted by the business and accounting student organization, staff and faculty jeans week fundraisers, and  the main event, Kiss a Pig. 

Kiss a Pig

Business Administration Program Chair Rick Mason warms up to the pig.

The “Kiss a Pig” event sets volunteers up to compete on who will kiss a pig based on how much money they raised.  Students, faculty and staff voted by donating spare change, a dollar, or more.  The persons who raised the most and least amount of money kissed a stuffed wild boar figure in front of a group of supporters.

Admissions Representative Laurie Ann Caamal raised the most money due in part to a generous donation from the medical assistant student organization, GUMAS. Business Administration Program Chair, Rick Mason, raised the least.

Kiss a Pig

Kisser Laurie Ann shared, “I was honored to have raised the most money for the opportunity to kiss the pig. I just didn’t want to ‘hog’ all the attention!”

The Kiss a Pig fundraiser raised $107.06.

Paul Gilbertson shared how Globe University’s donation will help the cause.

“As I tell everyone who donates to R.E.A.C.H a Child, these 552 books will impact 552 children at a point in their lives where they need some sort of compassion and passion and will shift their focus into something positive,” Gilbertson said. “So you guys at Globe University have been able to reach out in this sort of way to 552 kids. Kids you don’t even know, you’ve never met but they will be impacted. They’ll want to thank someone.  So rest assured those books will be given a good home.”

Scott Miller, a student in the business administration program and president of GBA (Globe Business and Accounting Student Organization) reflected on the fundraiser: “I think Paul’s organization R.E.A.C.H a Child is an amazing one. We definitely enjoyed raising 552 books and $552 in matching donations to benefit them and I look forward to doing it again.”