Advice from Graduates: Never Give Up

It was a Friday night in September when 40 adult learners gathered at The Loft Stage at East Ridge High School in Woodbury, Minnesota, to celebrate their transition from students to graduates of Globe University. Along with staff and faculty, the students were surrounded with family and friends at graduation to commend them for all of their effort and hard work throughout their education.

Alisha Bilek, graduate speaker

According to Alisha Bilek, the first graduate speaker, she gained lifelong friends while she obtained her diploma in massage therapy.

“I have gained so much from going to school,” said Bilek. “I would have never thought I would have completed college, but here I am.”

She continued by telling the rest of her fellow graduates to be proud of what each and everyone one of them have become and how they have gotten to this point in their lives.

“Going back to school as a middle-aged adult with two children, working full time and trying to raise your family is anything but easy,” said Sheryl Evgen, the second graduate speaker. She continued by explaining that all the work has paid off and it is gratifying, rewarding and fulfilling.

“Graduating college is one more thing I am able to cross off my bucket list,” said Evgen.

Bilek concluded her speech by expressing to her peers to be thankful for each and every person that has helped them or cheered them on throughout their education.

Sheryl Evgen, graduate speaker


Globe University celebrates graduation each quarter (four times per year) by hosting a graduation ceremony.

“Graduation is a special time for the staff and faculty, too,” said Laura Kropp, career services coordinator at Globe University-Woodbury, who plans and directs the quarterly graduations. “It is a time for us to celebrate and reflect on how we, as a college, have helped these students prepare for their dream careers.”

Congratulations graduates, and good luck in your future endeavors!