Alumni News: 3 Stories to Share

Take one winning massage therapist and three recent graduates who landed their dream job and what do you get? Alumni news!

Matthew Marks: Best of Waunakee

Matthew Marks

Massage Therapy Alumnus, Matthew Marks

The Waunakee Tribune voted Matthew Marks, Spring 2011 alumnus, “Best Massage Therapist” in the annual Best of Waunakee publication. The Best of Waunakee is a special media supplement that highlights various local businesses and gives the opportunity for residents to submit their votes for favorites.

“It was awesome to receive this award,” Matthew said. “I actually feel that what I’m doing is worthwhile. People are starting to recognize the benefits of massage therapy.”

Matthew, who started his own massage therapy business called Innovative Massage, shared that this recognition comes with great benefits. “It’s great because it gets my name out there and those who voted for me are becoming loyal clientele.”

Innovative Massage is located in Waunakee’s business park inside CrossFit Farmland.

Andi Dedrick: The Volleyball Guru

Andi Dedrick

Health Fitness Specialist Graduate, Andi Dedrick

“My official job title is ‘Insights Analyst’ but you can call me the ‘Volleyball Guru.’” shared Andi Dedrick, spring 2013 health fitness specialist graduate.

Keva Sports in Middleton, Wis., hired Andi to run their volleyball program and assist in other sports facilities management tasks. “I will be assisting with the soccer club and aiding in other miscellaneous tasks such as referring the basketball leagues and more,” Andi shared.

Andi isn’t a stranger to Keva Sports.  She’s been working there part-time for more than three years. So how did she land her dream job?

“When they heard I was graduating, they offered me a position catered to what I was good at and what they wanted to get out of it,” Andi said. “It’s amazing. I was so excited to be able to work specifically with volleyball because it’s my passion. Being able to run the programs, create the curriculum, coach the classes and run the leagues is really exciting.”

Kaylee Hansen: Fall Off a Chair, Get a Job

Kaylee Hansen

Veterinary Technology Graduate, Kaylee Hansen

Kaylee Hansen, graduate in the veterinary technology program, walked into a working interview and in five minutes, made quite an impression. “They called me in for a working interview after I applied, and no less than five minutes into it I fell out of the chair. I thought I blew it,” shared Kaylee. “In my defense it was a rolling stool and everybody does that. Thankfully, we continued to talk after I recovered and Dr. Sondel asked me to do a dental.”

Kaylee made quite an impression with Dr. Sondel because the result was a job offer as a veterinary assistant at Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic. Kaylee credits her skills she learned at Globe University and overall motivation to show she can work hard. “I was supposed to only be there for an hour but I stayed longer because there was stuff going on and I offered to just do it,” Kaylee shared.

Kaylee’s excitement cannot be contained. “I’m super pumped to be working there. They have a state-of-the-art facility; it’s a great place to work. They also have digital X-ray which is the bomb.”

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