Alumni Spotlight: 1970 Grad Kathy Rogers Visits Her Alma Mater

The Globe University-Moorhead staff was sitting at an awards banquet as part of the National Kidney Foundation Walk Volunteer Recognition event. Another volunteer stopped at the table and asked, “Are you from Minnesota School of Business (Globe University’s sister school)? I went there so I could have a career in business.”

Alumni Spotlight

Kathy Rogers with Campus Director John Andrick

Of course our staff was very intrigued. “When was that?” We asked innocently.

“I graduated in 1970,” was her response.

We immediately invited her to campus to see how school had changed.

Kathy Rogers then introduced herself to us. She had attended Gustavus Adolphus College for a semester before transferring to Globe University-Minneapolis to complete her business administration degree. Her classes at the time included: tax accounting, computer accounting, business principles, ethics, government, and business writing.

Computer Accounting was ahead of its time. The first RAM chip was introduced in 1970. The personal computer hadn’t been introduced yet. This was at a time when very few women went into business as most went through secretarial school.

Kathy was one of two women in her program. The other woman, Sue (Lumppio) Immel, became a good friend. In fact, they are such good friends that Sue just visited Kathy at Kathy’s winter home in Arizona. Sue now lives in Texas. Distance has had little impact on the friendship over all these years.

“One of the best things to come out of my education was my friendship with Sue!” Kathy exclaimed. A true example of the “We Care” mission following through in our students!

Early representation of computers at Globe and the male-dominated field of business

Her first job out of college had been in an accounting department in St. Paul, Minnesota, then went to Lakeland Tool and Die. Lakeland was very impressed with Kathy’s skills and wanted to move her to a managing partner role. Timing was bad, however, as her family was moving to Northern Minnesota. The majority of Kathy’s career was with Wild Rice Electric for 25 years in the billing department.

We were thrilled to host someone an alumni who used her education so well! When we asked her about how her education made an impact on her life, Kathy responded, “It allowed me to have interesting jobs with good pay.” A broad smile filled Kathy’s face as she added, “And it got me to retirement!”

Kathy’s visit to campus gave us all an opportunity to thank Kathy for representing our school so well over the years.

Thank you, Kathy, for a job well done! Enjoy your retirement years!