Alumni Spotlight: Vet Tech, Dog Groomer and Assistant Manager

At the age of 14, Jeni  found herself with a job at the Mutt Hutt—a local pet store with dog training and a grooming center. By 18, Jeni was grooming full time. At 19, she entered her first competition.

Vet Tech, Moorhead, Dogs by Design

Jeni Chance, Globe University 2011 graduate

Being very bright and talented, Jeni was looking for a bigger challenge so she enrolled in the vet tech program at Globe University-Moorhead.

“I loved going to school at Globe. It taught me so much. I was so prepared to work at a vet clinic,” said Jeni upon graduation in 2011.

Toward the end of her education, Jeni earned the internship at the Red River Emergency Animal Hospital. Following the internship, Jeni was offered a full-time position which she gladly accepted. The job was challenging and eventful, as animals are so unpredictable. Working nights and weekends, specializing in emergency and critical care for pets when regular veterinarians are not available, brought about some interesting situations.

“Working at Red River was an amazing experience for me! I learned such a variety of things. We made such an impact. Seeing people and pets at their worst brought out the best in us,” said Jeni.

Dr. Sara Lyons commented, “Jeni was a very hard worker and so good with the animals. She was a great example of the excellent student that Globe University vet tech program produces. I loved working with her!”

Vet Tech Program

Jeni Chance, vet tech program alumna

After being at the clinic for several years, Jeni was ready for her next career challenge. The addition of a husband also brought about a desire to change her hours. So when Veronica, a coworker from the Mutt Hutt, invited Jeni to come and be the assistant manager at a new pet grooming business Veronica was opening, Jeni jumped at the chance.

“I was looking for someone with a vet tech background. This business is so much more than cutting hair. After all, I’ve seen two year olds that have cut the cat’s hair!” Veronica says with a smile. “Customer service and taking great care of the animals our customers entrust to us are the highest priority for this business.”

“Jeni was the perfect person because she has a great work ethic, we work well together, and her smile just lights up the room,” Veronica said.

Dogs by Design has been open in Moorhead for almost a year and is doing great! While Jeni’s career has come full circle, the circle is much bigger. Her education has allowed her to take on a career path that is interesting, increases her income, and is adaptable to her personal life.

“I still use my education every day, especially in areas outside of animals. When I am hiring people, I think about the Career Capstone class on resume skills and how to interview,” Jeni explained.

Jeni is a perfect example of Globe’s mission: Showing “We Care” by preparing career focused, community-minded graduates for the global workforce.