From Military to Massage: Graduate Finds Calling

“Massage therapy chose me,” David VanSchyndel, massage therapy graduate, said. David tried several careers, including military, concrete worker, garage door installer, and freezer warehouse operator before coming to Globe University-Madison East to study massage therapy.

Even before those careers, David said, “I was giving massages and helping people with pain, only I didn’t know what I was doing.”

David has a condition called posterior staphyloma which causes his eyes to stretch backward into his head, severing nerves in his eye canal and causing his side vision to decrease over time. His retinas are deteriorating causing severe light sensitivity. David was aware of his condition when he started at Globe and this was one of the motivating factors for choosing the massage therapy field.

“I didn’t realize that I had a gift and passion for massage until my vision started to fail,” David said. “My vision, passion for helping people, as well as my need to have a physically demanding career, led me to find my calling as a massage therapist.” 

Since graduating in June, David has begun working as a massage therapist at The Therapeutic Touch in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin where he focuses on massage techniques such as trigger point, Thai, myofascial release, and craniosacral. David recently became certified in Reiki and now incorporates that into his massages. 

In addition to his work at The Therapeutic Touch, David was recently hired on as a massage therapist at Aurora Wellness Center in Burlington, Wisconsin. David works with members, non-members and rehab patients from the local hospital.

“My overall focus for any and all massages I do is to help the client better themselves and reach their goals of mobility, flexibility and/or pain reduction,” David said.

Who Inspired David During His Journey at Globe

David credits his instructors for keeping him motivated and inspired as a student.

“Robin Rinehart and Laura Jeske believed in me when I was losing belief in myself,” David said. “I was running out of career choices and I knew that if I did go blind I wouldn’t be able to continue farming. They helped me believe in myself, believe in my gift and look forward to my life ahead. They are on the short list of my personal heroes and role models.”

David’s Advice to Students

“Practice, practice, practice! No matter what field of study you are in, you can practice your skills. Family, friends and even co-workers are all great people to ask if you can test your skills on – or their pets if you are a vet tech.