From One Vet Tech Graduate to Another

About two dozen Globe University-Wausau campus students recently celebrated the completion of one part of their journey and will begin another. As we wish them well on their next journey, we thought it’d be nice to share some thoughts from a recent veterinary technology graduate, Rebecca Sawlsville:

vet tech program

Globe University-Wausau veterinary technology graduate Rebecca Sawlsville

A lot has happened in the past three years since Globe University-Wausau opened their doors for my fellow graduates, myself and the community. Before the campus was even finished, I was encouraged by a friend to look into the veterinary technology program.

After meeting with admissions, I knew the program was for me. I started in the second or third quarter of that first year. Globe has, from the day they opened their doors, taught us to be a voice and support the community with events like We Can, Never Forgotten Honor Flight, supporting area animal shelters and tornado victims.

Attending Globe has given me the opportunity to not only learn skills in my chosen field but is also fulfilling a dream I once thought impossible: a college degree.

It is hard to believe that I graduated from high school 20 years ago. I was accepted to college then, but family situations prevented me from achieving that dream. Being older, I sometimes felt out of place, but I soon realized I wasn’t the only “seasoned” student. I think that is one of the things that set Globe apart from other universities. My peers are varied in age and experience. Some are just out of high school and others are “seasoned” like me. Some have experience working in the field already and some don’t. But we’re all here to learn together. Globe gives people the opportunity to achieve their personal goals and fulfill dreams while continuing to work or raise a family. Other four year colleges cannot.

I have met great people and established new friendships as well as reconnected to a longtime friend from high school. We are all unique and have had to learn and work together. For those that were there for encouragement, studying or lending a helping hand, I am forever grateful. I am taking with me so many wonderful and memorable experiences. From my first venipuncture to assisting in surgery; cleaning a horse hoof, palpating a cow or vaccinating 300 kids, I have remained excited about every moment.

The field trip for Exotics Class to Wag Inn Kennels was very interesting. Not many people can say they have fed a baby lemur, but I can. I’m not certain what was more fun: the road trip to or the field trip at the Minnesota Zoo. We had a blast no matter what. and we wouldn’t have had those experiences if it weren’t for our teachers.

vet tech program

Globe University-Wausau veterinary technology students on field trip to Minnesota Zoo

I can’t thank the teaching staff of the veterinary technology program enough for helping me and others achieve this. They watch us learn and grow with hopefully just a few stumbles along the way. We learn from our mistakes as well as achievements. There are days that I am sure we don’t make it easy, but they truly want to see us succeed. They offer insight through their experiences as well.

I hope that students who are just starting out or newer to the program take advantage of this and listen. Be involved. Take advantages of volunteer opportunities such as the Vet Tech club, volunteer for the humane societies, go to the conventions as well as learning in class. There are opportunities I have missed, always thinking “I have time,” but sooner than later, the day you thought would never get here does.

At times it has seemed like I had a never-ending road ahead, but with the support of family, friends, coworkers and Globe staff, my road has come to its end. Graduation day may be here for some us. But our journey isn’t ending. We are just taking a different fork in the road. Some to an office or a business.  Others to clinics, rescues or even starting out on their own. There is a world of opportunities out there. It’s up to us to take our experiences and education and make it happen. Good luck to all.

By Rebecca Sawlsville, alumnus of the veterinary technology program