Graduate/Employee Knows the Student Struggle and Rising Above Obstacles

Laurie Anne Caamal, admissions representative at Globe University’s Madison-West campus, may be a familiar face to most. But did you know she started outGlobe UNiversity graduate spotlight success stories as a student herself?

Her inspiring story of becoming a student and later working to help others with their dream of going back to school is quite amazing. 

As the Madison-West graduate speaker, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, she asked her fellow classmates: “Graduates, do you remember the first time you stepped into Globe University? Do you remember the beginning of this journey?”

Laurie Anne’s journey began in Crivitz, Wis., where she was raised. Her first attempt at college was the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point for communicative disorders, but admits she stood in the way of herself and did not finish. 

“After I left college, I moved to Los Angeles and spent 17 years there. I never thought I would ever return to Wisconsin, but I moved back to the Madison area in 2006,” she said.

Back in Wisconsin, Laurie Anne realized she needed a job.

“Back in the day, the only skills you needed to work in business administration were communication, typing, phone and filing. I never had a problem finding a job with these skills,” she said. “When I returned to Wisconsin, I took three years off of work to raise my children. Somewhere along the way, a degree became a necessity to work in business administrationwhich, I did not have. My marriage failed and I jumped from one part-time job to another, unable to secure full-time work, until I said enough is enough. I saw the commercial on TV for Globe University and I made the call. My next beginning was my first quarter at Globe.”

Laurie Anne said that, as a non-traditional student, Globe University was “a good fit for meand it still is!”  

Laurie Anne remembers what she enjoyed most about going to school here:

“I liked the smaller setting, and that the instructors got to know me and treated me like a peer rather than simply a student. The schedule worked with my family and work life. But I think what I liked most about being a student here is the respect I received. I was able to find my confident, independent self again, all because someone appreciated my potential and opened the door!”

Soon after becoming a student, Laurie Anne was offered a position as an admissions representative. She shares her own experiences with potential students who can relate. When asked why she loves working at Globe University-Madison West, she instantly responds with, “That’s easythe students! My coworkers are and have been amazing, but we all do what we do because of the students. I think what makes it special for me is that I once sat in their chairI was once where they were.”

Laurie Anne knows how Globe University is different from other colleges.

“Support, support, support. I hear it all the time. ‘I couldn’t speak to an actual person.’ ‘I couldn’t get anyone to call me back.’ ‘Financial Aid was confusing.’ ‘After my college graduation I didn’t hear from them again…’ From the admissions process to career services, students can always reach someone and receive the support they need.”

In her graduation address, she left the stage by saying:

“We have all been through things that have made it tough to continue and we have all made it to the other side—not to the end, but to the beginning.”

Want to make 2015 your new beginning? Talk to Laurie Anne Caamal or Cheryl Redenz in the Admissions Department at Globe University-Madison West to see how we can make this year, your year!