Medical Assisting Grad: ‘It was Money Well Spent’

Rachel with Nula at the clinic.

Nula (left) and Rachel (right) at the clinic.

When Globe University-Woodbury Director of Career Services, Rachel Morin, had to get surgery on her Achilles tendon at HealthPartners in St. Paul, Minnesota, she noticed the level of professionalism and care of her medical assist.

It just so happened that the medical assistant was a 2013 graduate of the medical assisting (MA) program.

Rachel said she found out about Nula Watkins’s education when going through the pre-operate questionnaire and they asked where she worked.

“That’s where I went to school, and I loved it!” Nula said. “It was definitely money well spent!”

“I was impressed by her professionalism and level of care the staff offered, particularly the assistant who was helping me with my pre-operation questions,” Rachel said. “Not only did she answer everything, she had such a lovely and warm demeanor, that I knew I would be in good hands.”

More About Medical Assistants:

Medical Assistants are of vital importance to the medical field. Through their interaction with patients, medical assistants offer support and assistance with making patients feel at ease when it comes to visiting a health care provider.

Do you have what it takes?

Medical assistants can work in several different areas. They can be employed at physician’s offices, chiropractic offices, hospitals and more. They assist with lab procedures, administer medications and recognize and deal with emergencies on a daily basis. If you choose this career path, you should also have great communication skills and be able to work with a diverse population every day. You should also be able to uphold strict confidentiality in your line of work.