Placed: Accounting Alumna Reports from Terso Solutions

It’s every student’s dream after working tirelessly towards their degree—landing a job. I always enjoy catching up with our alumni who have been recently placed in a job they love, so it was such a pleasure to catch up with Tracy Hanson, alumna in the accounting program at Globe University-Madison West, who is now working at Terso Solutions.

One may wonder what an accounting graduate is doing working at a company that produces automated inventory management systems to laboratories and hospitals, but as Tracy explains, her accounting skills are needed and used throughout her workday.

I asked Tracy to share her experience working so far as an accounting clerk. Here is what she had to say.

Tracy Hanson

Tracy Hanson, Globe University-Madison West alumna

How did you land your job as an accounting clerk at Terso Solutions?

I started as a temp through ABR Employment Services in November. At that time, the position was for an administrative assistant, which included a great deal of accounting responsibilities. I was told right away that they were in the process of revamping the position as the administrative part was very minimal and the position at the time did not fit their needs. I was offered the permanent position as accounting clerk at the end of January, and, of course, I accepted the position.

Describe a typical day for you as an accounting clerk. 

I’d have to say there isn’t a “typical” day for me, at least here at Terso. Every day is different, and I’m constantly learning and being taught new things. I am responsible for the minimal administrative duties that are required such as daily coverage of the front desk, setting up of our conference rooms and customer visit planning.

On the accounting side of my position, being with a small company, I am able to participate in almost every aspect of the accounting department. On a daily basis, I am responsible for the majority of accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations of the company’s credit card and bank accounts. I have a good share of the responsibility when it comes to the company’s periodic and monthly accounting duties as well such as month end account reconciliations, intercompany transactions, etc. I am also responsible for various projects that are assigned to me from all departments.

How do you like your job?

I absolutely love working for Terso Solutions so far. I could not have asked for a better opportunity to come my way. As I mentioned before, with Terso being a small company, it allows me to participate in almost every aspect. Not to mention, my boss is always willing to teach me new things or build on the education I received by actually showing me how it’s applied in the “real world” such as cost accounting. The experience I am gaining here is going to be greatly beneficial in the future.

What surprises you most about the accounting world now that you are working and not in a classroom?

I don’t know that there was something that was a huge surprise to me as I entered the accounting world as a new graduate. With the education I received, coupled with the hands-on experiences offered throughout my course as a student, it felt like it was a pretty smooth transition. I did learn through the interviewing process that there are so many different accounting systems that never are even mentioned during your education. I’ve never heard of the accounting software that Terso uses, but once I found my way around the software, it was pretty easy to pick up.

Tracy Hanson

Tracy is still very active on campus serving as an Academic Skills Center coach and representing Globe at Canstruction Madison.

Can you share any advice for other accounting students on landing a job in your career field

I think the best advice I can give is don’t give up! I was surprised at the amount of competition I had, especially when I first started job hunting and did not have my degree. Once I could actually say I had my degree on my resume, things started to look up.

I would also recommend to not solely focus on a job title in this field but what you want out of the job and what you want to do.  A title is just that—a title. The title does not make the job, nor does it determine the experience you will gain in that position.

Also, don’t let the experience requirement deter you from applying for the job when you have all the other qualifications. I learned some companies just put a number to it and it may not be actually what they are looking for, especially on entry level positions. If you are considering going through a temp agency, don’t just focus on the ones that only do accounting. Reach out to the smaller ones as well, even those that may focus on other areas. Had I not reached out to ABR Employment Services, I don’t know that I would have found this opportunity at Terso Solutions.

Also consider earning relevant certifications to what you want to end up doing. I am currently working on my CMA (Certified Management Accountant), and I feel like this did set me apart from other recent graduates who were not working towards anything.

Thank you, Tracy, for sharing your insight on working in the accounting field after graduation. We love seeing you accomplishments and wish you continued success in the future!